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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Family of Honey Boo Boo Ranked Sexiest on Television

LOS ANGELES – Yes, the public has spoken.

In a recent survey among American citizens, results confirmed that the majority of pop culture enthusiasts believe Honey Boo Boo’s family of egg-shaped blobs to be the sexiest family on television, beating out the competition by a whopping 61%. Other television options for “Sexiest Family” included the White family from Breaking Bad and the Kardashians.

Nathan Garbunkle, a co-creator of the survey, defended the results, saying “[T]he survey took other things than just looks into account. It also looked at personality and that’s where the Boo Boo’s won most of their votes.”

Though most would believe the Boo Boo family’s “personalities” to be the worst thing about the overweight clan, the poll reflected that perhaps television in general has settled on the lowest common denominator in order to gain the largest possible viewership.

John Locker is an entertainment reporter and graduate from UCLA.